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Whatever .com you can buy now will be much more expensive once the .com owner sees you have funding and a business model and a website.


"Something about" →

Jack Cheng:

Clarity of thought is monumental for any communicator, and “something about” suggests the opposite of clarity. It suggests you haven’t thought through the quality or phenomenon you’re describing

If you haven’t read These Days yet then you’re missing out. I highly recommend it.

`H.A.C.K.S., Episode 1: Welcome to H.A.C.K.S.` →

It’s great to see something written by Elliott Morgan. Hopefully they get the funding they need in order to go through with the first season.

There was talk of a Kickstarter campaign, but without a sizable audience they likely won’t reach the funds needed.

Take a moment to subscribe to their channel. With enough people interested hopefully this takes off.


I started looking into _why and what he was actually about. What I found was amazing

_why’s story has been quite an enjoyable ride.

Changing the clocks isn't so bad →

In fact, the most annoying thing to me about the DST changeovers is hearing people complain about them.

`Life is wasting my time` →

I cannot summarize this one, though I certainly feel the same way at times.

`Opera to Switch to Webkit` →

John Gruber:

Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla sees this as a “sad day for the web”, but I think it’s more like a sad day for Mozilla. The simple truth is that WebKit is a better engine than Opera’s own Presto, and this move should make Opera’s browsers — particularly the mobile ones — better.

Opera was Firefox’s last real competition. Webkit had already beaten them both out. But now Firefox is alone (IE doesn’t count).

Previously when you had to develop a website you had to really test Firefox, Opera, Chrome (and/or Safari) but now we’re down to Firefox and Chrome (and/or Safari and/or Opera). As long as those browsers stay up to date with Webkit they should pretty much all render content the same aside from a few edge cases (and these are the same edge cases that some people would just say “update your browser” or “an update will be out soon”).

True greatness is found within and the only person you should aim to be superior to is your former self. Greatness is not listening to family and friends who say “you can”. Greatness is overcoming whatever “unfair” hand you were dealt with this life. And greatness is overcoming your biggest enemy - always and forever - yourself. That’s really the only thing that ever stifles change and sadly the only thing that can provide success.

The one that got away

  • Penny: Is she the one that got away?
  • Dodge: Well they all got away but... she was the first.
Maybe it won’t last but that’s no reason to not begin.


Who we are: developer style →

Programming is a Pop Culture:

You must dance and sing. You must write blog posts and speak at conferences.

John Gruber's iPad Mini review →

If you want the best review don’t bother with MacRumors - just go to Daring Fireball.

If the Mini had a retina display, I’d switch from the iPad 3 in a heartbeat.

I feel the exact same way. Without a retina display purchasing an iPad Mini would make me feel like a bad person. Maybe I’ll wait for the 2nd generation.